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All You Need to Know About Getting Perfect Design for Custom Printing

Apparel printing has been trending for quite a while. The market is expected to cross US $10 billion by 2025, with digital printing likely to take the lead. There’s just something about customized graphic tees and shirts that make them much more appealing than regular clothing.

Are you considering custom printing for your products? Here’s what you need to remember when finalizing the perfect design for them.

The Materials Being Printed On Matter

A print design wouldn’t look the same on different products. Every product has unique texture(s), which means that the printable text or graphics will look different on each product.

For example, your custom print design will look a certain way when printed on glassware or ceramics, and entirely different when incorporated on to plastic. Similarly, if you’re designing apparel via DTG printing, you’ll need to take the different fabrics and fabric blends used into consideration. What looks good on a cotton shirt may appear as faded and more spread out on thicker fabrics used for sweatshirts and hoodies.

Choose carefully the type of product you want to design for custom printing. Think of how the material would look with the design printed on it, and try ordering a sample before proceeding with bulk production.

Fade Effects Can Diminish Your Product’s Appearance

This is especially important for DTG printing. Those fade effects and drop shadows may look cool when you visualize the design in your head or on a computer screen, but it won’t play out the same way on the fabrics. Instead, the semi-transparent parts of the effect will look discolored, pale, and grainy on the final product.

Avoid fade or glow effects that may appear transparent on your product. If you want to include a faded effect, go for halftone fades which show up as a pattern of colored dots that’ll remain visible.

Knitted Accessories

Embroidery Designs Should Be Simplified

Embroidered patterns and logos are often used on apparel to give them a sophisticated look. However, embroidery designs can go wrong if you choose very detailed or complex patterns. The results aren’t as elegant as you’d hoped for, and the product can end up looking rough and unfinished.

Simplify your embroidery patterns, especially if you’re dealing with less space such as hats and caps. Instead, opt for bigger patterns and fill negative space with a color that matches the fabric.

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