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Benefits of Using Promotional T-Shirt for Brand Promotion

Promotional t-shirts are often looked down upon as being too tacky and in-your-face. Who even wants to wear a shirt with a particular brand name printed down the front, right?

Well, as it turns out, promotional merchandise can be extremely useful for marketing and brand promotion. Here’s why you should consider it for your business.

They’re Easy & Affordable to Produce

For a company looking to produce customizable product to enhance their branding, nothing’s as easy and affordable to produce than t-shirts. You can easily keep costs low by producing these in 2–3 colors and sticking to a simple printing method for the design.

T-shirts are easy to produce in bulk, and promotional t-shirts encourage bulk production. You don’t need to stress out over the manufacturing and design process or the total costs. Many suppliers offer discounts on bulk orders, so you’re likely to strike a good deal.

They’re Long-Lasting Promotional Materials

Another great thing about promotional t-shirts is that they’re going to last for a long, long time. We’re talking up to several years here. The t-shirts you distribute are going to stay with your potential clients and customers even after several months to the conference, event, or giveaways they got it from.

Think back to that polo shirt you got during one of your college career fairs, or the plain t-shirt you won on your trip to Disney World that had nothing but the famous Mickey Mouse ears drawn on it. Did you discard the shirt once the moment was over, or has it stayed with you for several years (or months) afterward? You may not be thinking of the corporation in question when you wear the t-shirt, but it offers brand visibility nevertheless. This is exactly what your promotional t-shirt is capable of doing as well.

Brand T-Shirt

You Can Design It Just the Way You Want

The best part about using t-shirts for your branding strategy is that you have creative freedom when it comes to designing them. From having colorful and bold graphics to witty phrases and slogans, pretty much anything goes when you’re designing a t-shirt.

Just because it’s a promotional t-shirt doesn’t mean it needs to be plain or blank with the brand logo embroidered at the sleeves (although that works too!) Of course, you need to incorporate some element of your brand to it, but you can pair it with a sleek or a funky design as per your brand image.

Think of it this way: you (i.e. the brand) are an artist and the t-shirts are canvas. Utilize the space the way you want to, ensuring that the design sticks out and appeals to your audience.

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