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Upcoming Update Total Ink Studio XR "Reload Edition" Update 1.3

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List of the bug and improvements in upcoming update 1.3 *Estimated release date November 3rth 2019*:

1.       Fixing the issue when changing product cause online designer to crash ad stop working

Condition:  Siser Na color vendor + text with effect + clipart

2.       Fixing the total number of color for Siser Na color vendor

3.       Fixing Siser Na missing color image in order detail tab,  admin dashboard

4.       Fixing  the issue where texture won't apply to black single layer clipart

5.       Improving general design studio speed for processing large image

6.       Improving upload image speed for large and high-resolution images

7.       Improving the admin dashboard bitmap addition process, now there is an automatic color detection as well as manual color selection.

8.       Improving large and high-resolution bitmap loading speed in the online designer.

9.       General security & stability update.

10.   Fixing missing layer thumb image from the image upload

11.   Fixing the Siser Na used color image style in the  online designer

12.   Fixing SanMar API Issue

13.   Fixing various product setup issues

14. New ASI ready product setup experience.

15. New product mask to cover %100 of any product shape


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