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How DTG Printing Can Benefit Your Business

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is the ideal method for your clothing business if you’re looking to expand rapidly and produce clothing that doesn’t compromise quality. DTG printers use digital inkjet technology and can print your desired pattern onto the textile directly.

This printing method is easily adapted to custom apparel design software and shortens the production time, making this a comparatively simple method to use. How does this translate into business benefits? Let’s explore.

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The bottom line is what businesses function on. If you’re not making a profit, the business will cease to exist. DTG will need upfront investment when you buy the printer, but it lowers the cost of printing paraphernalia.

With DTG, you don’t need to keep buying transfer paper or investing in multiple tiny pieces of equipment. All you need are printers and ink. Given that an average custom t-shirt can be priced at $25-30, and the cost of creating a t-shirt with DTG is between $1 and 3, your profits should be excellent!


DTG is best for customized styles, patterns, print, text, etc. Screen printing or sublimation have been the primary methods for custom shirts so far, but they take too much time or look tacky, respectively.

Using integrated online design software for apparel, business owners and designers can now whip up the design needed and start printing straight away. DTG reduces time, lowers human labor needs, and gives you stunning results.

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Cater to Small Volume Orders

There are so many companies and organizations out there that often need custom-made t-shirts with business logos. With other print methods, these orders would have to be custom-made piece by piece.

With DTG, all you have to do is set up the pattern on the apparel design software and oversee the printing process on the machine. It saves time and helps you expand your B2B operations as an apparel business.

Business Expansion

Most printing businesses tend to restrict themselves to T-shirts, but with DTG, you can expand into textiles. Sweatshirts, pants, caps, baby clothes and other apparel is just the beginning!

You can also start buying and selling merchandise for kitchen and bathroom use.

Ease of Production

The entire process is over in 5 steps! After your textile pre-treatment, all you have to do is add the graphics you want on the custom design tool, place the garment appropriately on the platen and press print.

The only step you have to do after printing is a quick iron to cure the ink, and the shirt is ready! The key here is to use customizable design software that’s compatible with DTG printing. Take a tour and figure out whether this works for you!

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