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Selling Custom Decorated Products 101

Gone are the days when shopping meant having just a handful of options to choose from. Digital technology has transformed the consumer experience, giving customers the chance to have their preferred styles and designs incorporated in the products of their choosing. Surveys have also shown that 1 in 5 customers don’t mind paying 20% extra for a product they can customize as per their liking.

Wondering how you too can use this to your advantage and sell custom decorated products at your ecommerce platform? Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What Type Of Products Can Be Customized?

The first thing you need to decide is what you’re going to be customizing. T-shirts and mugs are the most common (and perhaps the most demanding) products used for customization purposes, but your options don’t end there. You can choose from a bunch of other things that can be customized via print such as stationery, tote bags, caps, cushions, bottles, magnets, wall hangings & displays, and lamp shades.

The world is your oyster when it comes to picking a product you want to sell customized. This can be something from your existing product range, or a new product you’re planning on introducing.

However, try not to swarm your ecommerce page with too many customizable products. The more choices you provide, the more difficult it’ll be for them to decide what they want. Instead, limit your options to a handful of products that are most likely to sell and are best suited to your niche.

How Will the Customizable Products Be Displayed?

Next, decide how you want the chosen product(s) to be displayed on your platform. This is an extremely important part of selling custom decorated items. Your customers should be able to easily view or find the products you’re offering for customization. The last thing you want is have them click five different pages to find what they were looking for.

Let’s suppose you’re introducing a new line of t-shirts specific to an upcoming holiday or event. These should be clearly visible on your main website, either under promotions or your product range.  When customers view the details of these t-shirts, they should find a “customize” option next to the “buy now” button where they can then select the color or design of their choice. The easier you keep it for your customers, the smoother your sales will be.

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How Will Your Customers Personalize A Product?

Finally, evaluate how your customers can customize the products once they click on the “customize” button. Again, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too many options. This is supposed to be a stress-free experience, and having way too many advanced image effects or graphics can throw them off.

Keep it simple. Select a few templates and colors that can be used, and enable the option of them customizing their product from scratch.

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